Jesus, Tenafly

New site look is fantastic! (tsmile)

david goldstein, los angeles

Hey Joe, why are you retiring from music in 2012? And where is the apparel for 2011? Stay cool fellow.

Wallace, California

Hey Joe! Keep on rockin it! Stay Strong!!! See Ya! In Cali!!!! The Wallman!

Christine, Wayne

(H) Hey just checked out the website and songs..looks like things are going well for ya...i'm glad to hear it. Good Luck with everything

Jesus, Dumont

God I love this single

Yvonne, Harrington Park

Hey! long time no see! just looked through all the fun stuff on this website. it's pretty cool! great job on performing :)

Christine, Wayne

Hey just checked out this kick ass site! Loved the pics from photo shoot- especially the Beatles shot and you with blond long hair- weird! Hope everyone enjoys your CD as much as me!!!!

Valerie, Tappan

WOooooo! Multi-instrumentalist talent!!!!!

Phoenix, Somewhere

You rock!! The album sounds amazing! Keep it up.

Joe Mifsud, lawnguyland


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