Please Try to Attend the Show in Person! But If You Absolutely, Positively Can't.. You can catch a live stream of the show at 9PM Her, Click on the Live Stream Section to Play http://www.bitterend.com/recording-options-and-backline/




Had to cancel tonight's show at the Sidewalk Cafe  On July 9th, I donated platelets and red blood cells and haven't been feeling 100%. I've been experiencing lots of fatigue and being light-headed often. I asked the NY Blood Center if it was related and what the expectations were for my information & I was told that everyone reacts differently and also to stay hydrated because of the humidity and rest which I've been doing but I'm still dealing with it. I was told that the fatigue should last no longer than 56 days so we'll see what happens! I played the drums at last night's performance in Times Square for Ronit Banerjee and nearly passed out during the set unbeknownst to the band and then left the gig only to find that my car had been towed and a parking ticket, all of which I'm disputing. The combination of the health and financial woes made me cancel tonight's gig. Hoping to be in performing condition for Wednesday night's performance at the Bitter End!



Revamping the website and I'll be getting you a REAL update soon!



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