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Joe Mifsud- Mifology


As humans we have numerous masks we wear to match not only the roles we play, but the emotions we experience day to day. Joe Mifsud plays on that notion by taking an emotion like love and expressing it in differeny ways. Take "My Kind Of Girl" for example, it is a love song shrouded in head bangin' guitar riffs, whereas "Where You Belong" is on the other side of the spectrum; a passionate balld. Mifology has everything from in your face, powerhouse rock to heartfelt hits that will make romantics weak in the knees. Joe Mifsud is for fans of everything from 90's rock like Oleander to today's tattooed crooners Secondhand Serenade.


Track 1: "I'll Only Drag You Down" starts off with a psychedelic intro that takes audiences back to Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun". Then it kicks into a raw, energetic sound similiar to punk legends Lars Frederiksin and the Bastards. The instrumentation drives this song to a whole other level. It also reveals what a true artist Joe Mifsud is; he leaves no stone unturned when it comes to creating his art.


Track 7: "False Start" was different in that it allowed Mifsud to show off his natural talent; his voice. "If I knew then what I know now/ I would make us right somehow" speaks to every broken heart ready to listen. This will be the anthem to many who regret letting the one go.


Track 10: "On My Way Home" is that song playing in one of those self-discovery Indie films that become cult classics for college kids for generations. It has the same vibe as the Soul Asylum hit "Runaway Train" and will attract every music fan searching for the song that maps out their journey through life to their one true "home".


Reviewed by Kendra Beltran of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotions.

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